Cynthia France, Visual Artist, Systemic Family Constellation Therapist and Reintegrative Therapist in several areas of Personal Development, works as a Family Constellation Practitioner, Flower Alchemy Therapy, Psicoastrologer, and amazingly blending her artistic and therapeutic knowledge and skills.


She holds certifications in Systemic Family Constellation, Systemic Astrology, Kabbalistic Numerology, Flower Essence Therapy (Bach California & Alaska), Feng Shui, Reiki, Mythology & Archetypes and Chromotherapy.  She is also highly skilled in Astro Psichosyntesis (a holistic method of Astrological Psychology) learned from the founders of A.P.I. AstroPsichosyntesis Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Cynthia is a charismatic team builder and coach, passionate about bringing out the best in people, dedicated to help every client achieving his/her goals; emotionally, physically and Spiritually. She works with individuals and groups, in person and video communication. 

She is uniquely qualified to present a continuum of information about holistic healing that provides people the choices to include more self – care and wellness in their lives. 

She offers her clients insights about their unique talents, issues, life cycles and the most opportune timing for events. In addition to addressing whatever her clients’ questions might be, her main focus and intent is to help others achieve a greater overview of their lives and to inspire within them a sense of enthusiasm about who they are and what they have to offer. Her consultation inspire new ways of approaching areas of your life where you might feel blocked, confused or overwhelmed. 

In August 2018, in-between her paintings and individual and group therapeutic consultations, she bought to life an old project of bringing together skilled professionals in one place, and created ATHA - U.S. Holistic & Alternative Therapies.  Naturally, this group's proposal went through several levels, until reaching the point of becoming the best professional and energetic reference in Florida. 

Cynthia has been supported from the beginning by Gaby Serretiello, Holistic MassageTherapist and Life Journey Helper, as Director and Editor of the ATHA - U.S., in addition to a group of Holistic Therapists & Healers.  Today the ATHA Group has effective Partners in the areas of Facilitation, Mentoring, Teaching, Consultations in Systemic Therapies in Family Constellation, Flower Essence Therapy, Coaching  (Personal and Corporate), Reiki,  Structural Constellation, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, CranioSacral Therapy, and Aesthetic Medicine. 

The project grew and started gaining visibility and respect, calling the attention of Holistic Therapist in other states and countries. Today we have representatives in Brazil, London, in Georgia-US in addition to Partnership with several Alternative specialties. Services are offered in Portuguese, English and Spanish. 

In addition to the ATHA GROUP, Cynthia also directs ATHA CONSTELAR offering individual and group Systemic Family Constellations, and ATHA Connection where she leads the YouTube Channel, conducting meetings and interviews with the best professionals in the therapeutic and Integrative field.